Specialists in building and welding of steel structures
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Nordcoop has over 20 years of experience in manufacturing steel structures.

Our production halls and our machine park are adjusted to implementation of a wide range of orders, such as:

  • - production of steel structures – including large size steel structures
  • - production of offshore structures (marine structures / ship structures)
  • - production of general building structures
  • - production of industrial structures
  • - welding – including structural welding

Our manufacturing plant is located in Gdynia, in the close vicinity of the port. This localization is very beneficial as it gives access to sea transport and we can export our products to the majority of the European countries.

The experience gained over the years allows us implementing various projects. It does not matter if the structure weighs 100 kg or 100 t, we are ready to manufacture it.
The digest structure ever manufactured by our company weighed over 500 t. Our productive capacities are about 300 t of steel per month.


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